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Imfezeko Investment Holdings

Imfezeko is an Investment Holding Company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We invest in businesses operating in impactful industries including security, connectivity and related technologies.

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About us

We take a hands-on approach with active involvement in our investee companies, bringing a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to the table. Our team boasts a diverse range of skills and experience in each of our fields having successfully built and run a number of related businesses. We hold interests in infrastructure, services and software businesses across the industry value chain and are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities that meet our investment criteria.



The group was founded as a family business in 2006 with its first investment in private security industry disruptor, CSS Tactical. CSS was one of the first armed response companies to take a proactive approach to fighting the scourge of crime in Johannesburg and the first to introduce the now ubiquitous ‘tactical patrol unit’.

CSS was a pioneer in public space CCTV surveillance and succeeded in reducing contact crime in its areas of operation by over 90%.Operated by the family for over a decade, CSS continued to expand its reach and was acquired by one of the largest private security companies in the world in 2017.

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Fibre to the Home (FttH)

In 2014 the group founded Fibrehoods, an open-access FttH network operator offering customers stable, lightning-fast connectivity they had only ever dreamed of. Pioneers in the use of aerial GPON technology, Fibrehoods was able to deploy quicker, more effectively and with less interruption than competitors and passed on the benefit of its lower cost deployment to customers with one of the lowest priced line rentals in the market.

Fibrehoods successfully deployed over 2500 kilometres of fibre and passed 130 000 homes across the cities of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Ekhuruleni. Fibrehoods was sold to industry leader Vumatel (subsequently acquired by Community Investment Ventures Holdings).


Today, Imfezeko is focused on industry-leading, disruptive businesses operating at the intersection of security and technology, a niche which we have dubbed ‘Securitech’. The group holds investments in businesses across the CCTV value chain including both public and private space camera infrastructure, financing and software solutions.

Our financial services arm specialises in enabling the growth of businesses operating in securitech and related sectors.

In addition the group maintains ongoing investment in the wifi connectivity space, focused on empowering a previously neglected demographic to experience the full power of the internet with lightning fast speeds at a fraction of the price of mobile operators..

Overview of our companies


As South Africa’s first and only video management-as-a-service provider, Vumacam (VC) strategically deploys hi-tech cameras across entire suburbs on a solid fibre network to ensure a consist, reliable and quality feed. VC’s sophisticated system architecture enables intelligent video analytics from licence plate recognition to the real-time detection of abnormal activities.


Our business serves security companies, residents and property owners who want to build better suburb and city security through advanced technology and a proactive approach to crime fighting.


ISDS distributes specialised video analysis and interrogation technologies. The products are catered to address the rapidly growing surveillance industry and the resultant imagery that cannot be monitored usefully by human controllers.


ISDS provides a combination if AI-driven behavioural analytics, autonomous target detection, video synopsis, deep learning filters and biometrics to effectively analyse the full surveillance stack both in real time and forensically for post-event analysis.

Intelex Vision

IntelX is a london-based company that owns a proprietary suite of software products, including the CCTV industry’s first self‐learning, artificial intelligence proactive video analysis system.


Having successfully entered the South African market, Intelex Vision is focused on the international expansion of its products taking next level video surveillance to new territories across the globe.

Layer 3 Finance

L3 Finance was established to offer a solution to address the commercial and competitive challenges facing small and medium sized Internet Service Providers.


L3 provides ISPs with growth capital to enable them to compete more effectively in a crowded market and boasts a team with significant FttH experience, strategic relationships, industry reach and technical capabilities to assist its ISP partners in growing their businesses.

Secutech Funding Solutions

Secutech Funding Solutions is a niche financing house specialising in the security, connectivity and ‘Securitech’ space. Secutech prides itself on its professionalism and flexibility, seeking to enable the ongoing growth and efficient operation of clients’ businesses.


Secutech offers flexible funding solutions and works with clients to determine the optimal financing structure on a case by case basis.

Maboneng Broadband

As a pioneer of high speed connectivity in high density areas, Maboneng Broadband has been providing connectivity to residential apartments in the Johannesburg CBD for over 10 years. MBB provides lightning fast wifi connectivity solutions to landlords and customers at a price point which is a fraction of market rates.


Packages are recurring and automatically topped up to each apartment at the beginning of every month, allowing a previously neglected market to seamlessly enjoy a world class internet experience.

Calabash Storage Systems

CSS provides object-based high performance, high capacity storage systems with best in class price per GB. Using cutting edge technology and homegrown innovation we deliver Petascale storage systems with all the features and performance you would expect from an enterprise grade storage system, without the lock-in and cost.


Dedicated solutions start at around 1 Petabyte usable capacity, depending on the redundancy chosen, and scale to 50PB+ in a single addressable system.


Client connectivity is catered for with a wide variety of end points, without additional license fees or support activations. Advanced web-based monitoring and management tools ease the support burden, and predictive analytics help alert the end user to possible issues before they occur.

Some of our clients

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